‘’Disability Water Sports’’ is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. This is a ‘’Small Collaborative Partnership’’ programme coordinated by Olympiacos SFP and with the involvement of Red Star, Lazio Nuoto and Sport Management.
The overall objective of the project is the social integration of people with disabilities and their involvement in water sports. In the process of education in general, and especially in physical education, it is important that these people have different abilities. Attitudes about these people’s participation in physical education and sport in different settings (schools, sports clubs, etc.) play an important role in the overall process of improving the acceptance of these people in society. The spirit of the Paralympic Games is in line with the development of a new positive attitude towards people with disabilities, the awareness of the right to equal participation, recognition of the status and determination of these athletes. The effort of athletes with disabilities is worthy of admiration. In this project, the partners are expected to organize water sports activities such as water polo, sailing, rowing, and swimming for people with disabilities under the guidance of their professional trainers and athletes.